Welcome to Europe’s leading makeup school – International Makeup Center.

Is your dream to become a makeup artist, to travel the world and work with creative people? Good, because IMC’s goal is to educate the verry best makeup artists in the beauty industry, ready to take on the industry of TV, film, fashion, editorial and theatre in only 400 hours.

International Makeup Center accepts a limited number of students per group, depending on the city. This is to your advantage, because during the education you should aim to practice applying makeup on as many different facial shapes, skin types and colors as possible, to help build up your level of skill. By this, you get through a high level of experience already at a training stage.

International Makeup Center was founded in the fall of 1990 in Stockholm.

International Makeup Center has three schools in Sweden. They are situated in central locations in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. We also have two schools in Finland; Helsinki and Tampere. In Estonia, the school is located in Tallinn, and in Norway in Trondheim. We also have a school in Bangkok, Thailand and are soon about to open in London, G.B.

The course at International Makeup Center is very intense and rewarding. Together, we will work hard to give you the opportunity to make it in the business. Our goal is to give you training that makes you attractive in the entire business, in Sweden and abroad. We make sure that our students are prepared for working as professional makeup artists.


Quality is important. That is why our teachers are hand-picked makeup artist who are currently working in the business. We tap into their unique experience and network, so as to stay ahead of the trends and developments. Leading names in the business recommend our school, and they often choose our students as assistants for projects.


International Makeup Center’s educational program is created to provide you with a solid foundation. After completing the course, you will have the skills you need to work all over the world. Traineeship may be granted in stores/boutiques or in the business. The school does not guarantee this, since many jobs are seasonal.

Evaluation of IMC is done on a regular basis in collaboration between pupils, head teachers and principal, to always have an updated education with latest technologies. Close collaboration with the school’s Parent Make Up Store, offers students the advantage of always being able the latest in makeup, colors, products etc. Students have the opportunity to do optional internships after school hours during the education. This allows you to start building a network of contacts in the industry are already at the school.

Makeup gift and discount card

First day of the Beauty Education is an induction day, when all students recieves the schedule, curriculum binder with theory on all subjects, review of training, including grading criteria. You will also receive a gift in the form of makeup products worth approximately 15,000SEK – and a 30% discount card from IMC’s sponsor Make Up Store.

Several former students have been nominated and won prizes and awards, e.g. the prestigious Elle magazine “Ellen award” and the most previous for “The best Makeup Artist in Sweden 2012”.
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